Q-RAD, Passion for radiants

Q-RAD, the Italian Consortium of Radiant System Manufacturers, was born in February 2012. Starting from an initial constituent group of four companies, today Q-RAD has eleven consortium members ranging from producers of radiant systems to components of the supply chain (screed, insulation, chemicals product, finish).
The Consortium was created by overcoming the normal commercial barriers that divide competing companies in the same sector thus creating a national network of companies engaged in radiant air conditioning and ventilation technology. A network that acts at both a regulatory and technical level and can count on the academic partnership with the “Galileo Ferraris” Department of Energy of the Polytechnic of Turin.
The companies producing radiant systems are divided into:

Our mission

Q-RAD, the Italian Consortium of Quality Radiant Systems Manufacturers, brings together the most important companies engaged in the radiant cooling and heating sector operating on the Italian territory.

The Consortium promotes and enhances radiant air conditioning technology in order to accelerate the ecological transition of buildings. It does so by taking part in the drafting of national and international standards, offering specific highly qualified training courses and technical-scientific dissemination of these plant solutions.

Q-RAD is involved in 15 national and international regulatory tables and has been appointed on several occasions as the Italian representative for the revision of various important regulations as well as being the direct promoter of the rules on energy classification of radiant systems (UNI \ TR: 11619) and of the qualification of installers (UNI 11741).

The Consortium contributes, through scientific communication initiatives, to the dissemination of technical, performance and application information with the aim of promoting radiant technology with a view towards energy saving and respect for the environment.
Orientated towards continuing education, the Consortium offers, in collaboration with other bodies and organizations, training and learning activities through specific courses on radiant systems aimed at professionals and technicians in the sector.

Q-RAD Consortium organizational chart

Board of Directors 2020-2022

President of the Q-RAD Consortium

Gerardo Brienza

Vice President of the Q-RAD Consortium

Francesco Confortini

Q-RAD Secretary General

Clara Peretti

Marketing and communication coordinator

Fabio Marzano

Consortium members

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